The emergence of Appollo group is one of the prestigious and experienced industrial conglomerates today. It is mainly involved in manufacturing steel products including raw materials using the modern technology.

We are committed to our valued customers to deliver products and services that satisfy the presents & future needs. We believe in professionalism, so that Appollo builds a unique management team that would continuously work to serve the customers and its role in the market. The contribution to the socio-economic sector is our ultimate goal. Hope we would achieve it.

The manufacturing plant of Appollo is model of modern technology that would give products to meet domestic demand as well as feed international markets fulfilling stringent quality. The group has significantly progressed during the last couple of years and has mission to enhance its capacity further as well as undertake new products one after another.

Appollo has a wonderful team with people full of enthusiasm, confidence and pride. The team is orchestrated with highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated personnel at various levels of management. People working in production, quality assurance, marketing and finance are professionally competent as a result of their commendable background developed through training.

We take great pride in our people.

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